Students of the Month   
Students of the Month Donegal Junior High School September's Students of the Month! Back Row:  Chris Cole,...

Publicity Information   
The Donegal School district seeks to communicate information to the public concerning our schools and the many achievements of...

Locks for Lockers   
In order to secure and protect your belongings while at school, it is recommended that you bring a lock to school for use on...

Dress Code   
Donegal School District personnel believe there is a definite relationship between good dress habits, work habits, and proper...

Backpacks and Textbooks   
Students will only be allowed to use backpacks to bring instructional related necessities and books to and from school. During...

Fine Arts Events
•  Student begin to change for PE  (Fitness and Wellness)
•  All PE Uniform Order forms are due with payment  (Fitness and Wellness)
•  PE Uniforms are now required  (Fitness and Wellness)